Blue Mother Tupelo

I love happy accidents. A couple of years ago my baby sister celebrated her 30th birthday at a great place in Merigold MS called Crawdad’s. Crawdad’s has a party loft with its own private bar which is where our festivities were held, and it’s open to the restaurant and stage below. In the midst of our celebration music began to play, and everyone at the party stopped in mid-sentence, then gathered at the railing to get a better look. As it happened, we were lucky enough to have the party on the same night that Blue Mother Tupelo were playing. I’d never heard of them before, but now I’m a fan for life. BMT is made up of a husband and wife duo, Ricky and Micol Davis. Ricky’s slide guitar mastery and Micol’s angelic voice blend together in such perfect harmony…well, just listen for yourself. No description of mine could ever do them justice. This video was shot in a stairwell; no special effects, no fancy camera work (in fact, you can often hear movement around them). Just Ricky and Micol, sitting on the stairs, singing a song. But as soon as the song begins, you’re in another place entirely. A very happy place.

Learn more about Blue Mother Tupelo here. They’ll be playing this Thursday night June 10 at The Pickled Okra in Cleveland MS. Maybe I’ll see y’all there!


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  1. This is such a cool break fr my stress! 🙂 Thank you Lorrie for sharing!

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