The Cake Lady

I walked across the street tonight to see my college roommate, Leslie Beasley Mitchell, to reminisce, to watch her youngest son play baseball, and to get the scoop on her most recent endeavor. In between laughing at old memories (sorry, can’t share decades-old secrets here), watching the game, and dodging mosquitoes, we talked about the incredible cakes that she says are baked in her very own kitchen. But I believe in magic, and I’m not so sure there’s not a little wand-waving and spell-casting at work here.

Word of mouth is spreading over how imaginative Leslie’s cakes are, and they’re delicious to boot (I’ve got a bowl-licking appointment soon, purely for research purposes, of course). She told me a hilarious story tonight about how a woman who works at a local Walmart bakery actually called her to order a cake, then had Leslie drive around with it through the entire Mississippi Delta for the better part of a day. I would have driven that cake right back to my house and eaten every crumb of it myself after half an hour, but anyone who knows Leslie knows that’s just the kind of person she is. She’s incredibly kind, incredibly artistic, and I’m very lucky to call her my friend. She’s going to need a bigger kitchen soon, I suspect.

Leslie Beasley Mitchell, “The Cake Lady”


4 Responses

  1. Too bad she wouldn’t deliver to Milton, Ontario. What fabulous cakes!

  2. I am Totally in shock! This is Soooo Sweet! I had no idea that our visit at the ballpark would conjour up a sweet story like this! Thank you for all of your kind words! Like we said last nite~It’s funny how you don’t see someone for a long time & when you do, you pick up like you’ve never been apart! I Love you my dear sweet friend!


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