Steve Azar

Way back when I was too young to date, but certainly old enough to be interested in boys, there wasn’t a lot that you could do in my small town of Greenville, MS if you didn’t yet have a driver’s license. There were a couple of options. You could go to the Cinema 1 & 82 to see a movie, but that was a little dangerous when you’re weren’t quite sure how the whole “kissing” thing was supposed to work, or you could go roller skating. For timid yet eager pre-teens, this was the perfect opportunity to “date” without worrying about the logistics of it all. Our venue of choice was the Skate-O-Rama, and man, do I have some great memories of that place. You really weren’t anyone in the skating crowd unless you had a boy to hold hands with as you went round and round and round.  And if you got to skate with that boy when the lights dimmed and a cheesy song played, that meant you were “going together”.

One summer, when I was around 12 years old, I had the good fortune to catch the eye of a boy named Steve Azar, and we held hands and skated together for (get this) TWO SATURDAYS IN A ROW! But alas…I had to go out of town with my parents one weekend, and when I returned to the Skate-O-Rama, I discovered that my place in Steve’s heart had been usurped by another girl. A blond girl (oh yes, I remember). I was inconsolable as only a young girl can be…for about a week, until I found a new skating partner. Life did indeed go on after Steve, although I’m quite sure he regretted his decision to replace me for a really long time. (What? You think he doesn’t even remember me? No way!)

While still in high school, Steve formed The Steve Azar Band, which was THE local band of choice for several years. Because of his exceptional talent, extreme dedication to his craft, and a burning drive to succeed, Steve is now a recording artist living and working in Nashville, TN. Steve has worked with some of the greatest musicians around, such as Carrie Underwood, Tim McGraw, Bob Seger, Hootie & The Blowfish, and Montgomery Gentry, just to name a few. His latest album is called “Slide on Over Here” and features a song I just never seem to get tired of, called “Sunshine”. Have a listen:

In addition to catching one of Steve’s live shows, you can also see him on television, co-starring on The Golf Channel series Playing Lessons. Golf Digest ranks him as one the top-five golfing musicians, along with entertainers Rudy Gatlin, Marty Roe (Diamond Rio), Vince Gill, and saxophonist Kenny G. Learn more about Steve here (and check out some more great videos and photos, because the guy is definitely HOT).


2 Responses

  1. You and Steve Azar? How come I am just now finding out about this? Great blog!

  2. You are so very talented my best buddy!! I am so proud of you! And jealous too cuz you got to hold Steve’s hand and be his girl for 2 weeks!! Love you!

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