Kepler’s Italian Grill, Greenville MS

A serious craving for crawfish dip with flatbread chips prompted this post, and all I can say is it’s a good thing Kepler’s does take out! This is a great new restaurant in Greenville and if you haven’t already, I suggest you check them out soon. I can personally recommend the aforementioned crawfish dip (yummiest appetizer EVER, seriously), the fried olives with rémoulade sauce, the chicken, spinach and mushroom pizza, and the cheese tortellini. I didn’t have any room left for dessert, but my sister enjoyed the bread pudding drizzled with white chocolate cream sauce tremendously. The food was very good, the prices are great, and the service was outstanding. See you guys again soon!

Kepler’s Italian Grill is open Wednesday thru Sunday; a full menu and complete restaurant services can be found here.


2 Responses

  1. And WHICH sister was it that enjoyed the bread pudding? NOT ME.

  2. Nope. The baby sister. You were otherwise occupied that evening! 🙂

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