Okay, this is my kind of humor.

I love catalogs. LOVE THEM. I don’t think that four-letter word is ginormous enough to convey the rapture I feel when the mail comes and I have actual, real, tree-killing catalogs to peruse for hours and hours. By the time I’m willing to relinquish them to the recycling bin, seasons have changed, what’s in is way out, and a new President could even be in office. All I’m saying is…I love catalogs (and don’t even get me started on magazines. I have issues of Southern Living dating back to the Reagan Administration).

I’m also a big fan of sarcasm (just ask my husband). I revel in it. The dryer your wit, the more I want to be around you. Well, I have found my new BFF, my soulmate, if you will. You may know her from these commercials:

This funny lady is Molly Erdman, and she has just started a new blog called “Catalog Living”. She takes the enjoyment of gazing at shiny, perfect catalog photos to a whole new level. I know people say this all the time, but really folks, don’t drink anything while reading this. I am absolving myself of all responsibility for any liquid or food-related damage to your computer. Consider yourself warned, and enjoy these sneak previews.

Gary! If these oars even come close to knocking over a single one of my starfish, I’ll shove one inside you. And if you leave your tote bag by the chair one more time…

It broke through the wall during the last big storm and we decided just to leave it.


5 Responses

  1. That is hysterical! How in the world did you come across that?

  2. Okay I just went to the website…I am dying out laughing!

  3. Isn’t it HILARIOUS? 😀

  4. Now I just went to the Young House Love blog. Oh. My. Gosh. What a freaking wedding!!!

  5. And my secret job as a blog crack dealer finally pays off…muah ha ha! 8)

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