I’m moving to a new home…

…on the internet, that is!

While the internet elves work their magic to redirect this blog to the new one, I thought I’d post a link to it because that’s where any new items will be. Hope to see you there!

Places to Go, People to See


World Cup Fever!

It has begun!

I will try to post now and again while the World Cup is in progress, but no promises. Just so everyone is clear, in today’s US vs England match, we are pulling for the US to win. 1-0 will be fine. The US has not defeated England since 1950, and we are DUE. My favorite teams are the US (naturally), England (because they pay me), and South Korea (because they are awesome).

In case you can’t tell, I am very excited about the World Cup. And I love this commercial:

Hello world!

One of my favorite things in life is sharing (okay, some might say forcing) the things I love with friends and family. I love food, art, books, interior design, music, and Korean dramas (oh yes, I’ll be telling you more about these every now and again, so look forward to it). Lately I’ve been spending hours in front of my laptop (between K-dramas and uh, work of course) perusing other folk’s blogs.

Well, it’s time I took a look at what’s in my own Mississippi back yard, so in the coming weeks I’ll have some wonderful places to show you and some very talented people you should meet. I’ve already got lots of ideas, but if there’s something or someone cool that YOU think I should feature, then by all means let me know. The flimsiest of excuses is all I need to shout “Road Trip!”

The sunset in my header was taken with my cell one evening on the way home from dinner with the family in Cleveland. Pretty, no?

See you soon…